New In: Random Kids

Introducing Random Kids

Coordonné’s Random Kids collection is a gorgeous range of wallcoverings, designed to delight your little ones and create a perfect space for them to discover, grow and learn in. From magical maps to epic murals, we’re elated to share Coordonné’s latest offerings.


Magical Maps

Does you child like a little adventure? For those with wanderlust, the selection of map wallpapers in Random Kids promises to inspire a range of themes for your child’s space.

Escape to Neverland, with the Treasure Map design. Let your little one’s imagination take hold, as they follow the journey through treacherous waters, mystical mountains and fiery volcanoes. Introduce into a playroom to ignite their creative spirit.

Celebrate the rich tapestry of culture our world has to offer, with the Diversity Map. Encourage dreams of far away plains and build an understanding of the diversity of our race, by introducing this piece as a key feature in your child’s space. Decorate with trinkets collected from travels across the globe.

There is little on this earth more wondrous than the beasts in our Animal Kingdoms. From the Big 5 in Africa, to the formidable beasties of Australia, the Animal Map from Coordonné allows your child to marvel and the vast range of creatures we are blessed to share our planet with.

Playful Patterns

If you’re looking to add a touch of whimsey to your space that your child can appreciate, but that can be styled with a more adult-friendly decor, we recommend you look no further than these playful patterns.

The Library creates an effect of shelves, with lovely hanging plants, lazily lounging cats among homely ornaments that add a cosy element, without clutter. Introduce this into a living room, for a family-friendly design.


We adore the Zoology design, especially in a bedroom or relaxation space. Line sketches of an eclection of animals cascade across a selection simple, block colors that promise to compliment, not dominate.

Draft Planes

Send your child’s imagination souring to new heights, with the Draft Planes design. Ignite an interest in aeromechanics and travel, by welcoming this print along with a classic spinning globe and tales of the great inventions that mean we can explore the full expanse of our world.

Jumping Bambis

Charmingly simplistic, the Jumping Bambis design is ideal when decorating a smaller child’s space. It can compliment a range of interior dreams, as your little one realises their passions and interests.

Epic Murals: Greatest Christmas Gift

Are you stuck on what to get your kids this Christmas? Well, with these murals you can gift an incredible, themed space that’s purely dedicated to your child. Let’s explore our top picks.

Jungle Friends

Jungle Friends offers a vibrant and exotic theme, that would be the perfect gift for an animal lover or travel-hungry youngster. For a bedroom, pair with deep blues for a calming atmosphere, or make a jungle themed playroom equipped with a tent and toys to match for a den to die for.

Edo Kids

Transform your child’s space into a secret garden paradise, with the Edo Kids design. Peacocks perch among stunning white blossoms and butterflies, in this dreamy creation from Coordonné. Pair with garden themed toys and floral patterned furnishings for truly magical space.

Dolls’ House

Does your child have a slightly funkier taste? If so, the Dolls’ House design is for you. Towering terraces offer glimpses of interiors, allowing imaginations to take hold and picture the people who live there. Let stories unfold about what these walls hold, by introducing the Dolls’ House design into a play space.

Magic Circus

Last but not least, we have the Magic Circus mural. Marvel at the wonders unfolding across your walls, as rabbits play guitar, cats skate, and clowns dally among a wild scene. Available in various colors, this mural can work to dominate, or compliment a space.

We hope you enjoyed this exploration through Coordonné’s latest offerings here at NewWall. Explore our full range of new arrivals today.