New Arrivals – October

October has arrived and, as is customary, we will be sharing with you the new arrivals landing at NewWall this month. We have four new wallpaper & fabric in our line-up from the incredible brands, 17 Patterns, Timorous Beasties and Calico


17 Patterns

17 Patterns have released their beautiful new wallpaper designs Stira’s Hand and Venation. While encompassing their own unique traits, both designs are dream-like in style and express a soft creative character. The wall murals have the power to inspire you to dream beyond the boundaries of your interior and fill rooms with positive energy. 

Stira’s Hand features calming, overlapping washes of color and depicts mythical landscape in the form of a large scale wallcovering.  The three elements, Land, Sky and Sea stunningly entwine to create an ethereal scene. Its incredible craftsmanship comprises of brush strokes and pigmentations against a backdrop of fibrous parchment to create an authentic and highly textured canvas. 

Indulge your imagination and discover the design in its four vivid colourways, Stratum, Horizons, Changing Tides (+ Ombre Edition) and Nightfall (On Silver Mica).


Stira’s Hand – 17  Patterns



The Venation design, while still dream-like, has a little more structure with intricate line work running deep throughout an amass of beautifully illustrated blooming leaves. 

Wonderfully Lavish and rich in color, the botanical design spans it’s print across delicately textured wallpaper. Promising intrigue and other worldly depth, the montage is a perfect choice for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

This exquisite design is available in seven stunning palettes, Natural, Dusty, Gold, Jewel, Orient, Royal, and Dark.


Venation – 17 Patterns


Timorous Beasties

Timorous Beasties has launched their incredible Honey Bee design and we’re so excited to share it with you!

Fun fact: Did you know the insect trend in design existed long before Christian Dior’s adorned sleeves with bees, wasps and beetles? It was even used by Napoleon in his residences as ornamentation. 


Insects on netting seen at Christian Dior AW 2016 (Credit – Pinterest, Vogue Magazine)


Baron Gérard (1770-1837), Portrait of Napoleon in coronation robes (Credit – The Frame Blog)



Prized for their ability to make honey and believed to represent afterlife and rebirth, the Honey Bee has endured time and is still relevant today in Timorous Beasties signature work. Unlike the mass-produced market, the Timorous Beasties Honey Bee print offers a unique design that promises to stay relevant for years to come. The attention to detail of Honey Bee, as with all of their work, shines through.

Take a look at the captivatingly sumptuous velvet fabric in a range of rich hues from intense Black & Gold to Legbar Blue. The intricately detailed Bee sits oh so delicately and serenely on top of the jubilant material. It’s a classic example of a Timorous Beasties reinterpretation of traditional techniques and illustrative styles combined with their industry-leading color palettes.


Honey Bee Fabric – Timorous Beasties


The print is also available as a wallpaper. The way in which the Honey Bee’s are assembled in perfectly placed lines across the wall seem reminiscent of the ways bugs are displayed in a glass display box, don’t you think?


Honey Bee Wallpaper- Timorous Beasties


Equally sinister and fascinating, perhaps the innovative design house is attempting to capture the ominous beauty of tamed nature.  

Interior design tip: Unapologetically maximalist, Timorous Beasties Honey Bee design offers the perfect opportunity to explore the eclectic beauty of boho decor. Try pairing vintage furniture and accessories with the wallpaper, for example. 


Honey Bee Wallpaper – Timorous Beasties



New from Calico, is their Noir wallpaper design. Romantic and textural, this stunning abstract wallpaper is reflective of Surrealists’ grattage technique. It’s a unique, eye-catching piece of art that is perfect for adding character and depth to a whole host of modern spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms.  

The technique uses only paper, paint and brush to add a worn finish that injects warmth into interiors. Gallantly broad brush strokes work to effortlessly capture the restraint and study of an artist’s pursuit.

Pair with wooden, minimalist furnishings for a modern, yet timeless appeal. 

Noir – Calico

Choose from a range of colorways, from earthy hues to coastal blues. 


We truly hope that you’re inspired by our new arrivals from these remarkable brands. If you’d like to explore them further please visit our new arrivals page or even order a sample online. 

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