New Arrivals: July

Hello there, Maria here with an exciting preview of what’s new at NewWall this month. I have a range of amazing wallpapers that are trailblazing…and, I am sure that you will agree that the design possibilities they present are utterly inspiring!


From the design house of Tres Tintas, we have with their stunning Vibra Collection. Abstract and minimalist, Tres Tintas have conjured  up a range of sublime atmospheres that exude positive karma.  Whether you gravitate towards abstract geometric shapes or naturalistic images of fronzes, you will  be blown away at how the geometry blends with neutral tones, subtle gradients, and gentle shadows.

Tres Tintas – Cinetic


We also have new releases from the amazing Wallpaper Projects with designs by Idda Studio X, Leisel Plambeck and Alex Proba. 

Let’s firstly take a look at Pose. Pose has been created in collaboration with the fabulously fresh Leisel Plambeck to extraordinary effect. Liesel Plambeck is a Los Angeles based artist and designer specializing in textile and product design. Taking inspiration from the landscape of her home state California and her expansive vintage print collection, she combines the traditional art of rug making with modernist-influenced designs, creating works that are dynamic and contemporary. 

Pose is a vibrant non- repeating mural in primary colors reminiscent of Juan Miro’s color palette. Delightful figures cavort in various reposes bringing a fresh and joyful air to any room.

Wallpaper Projects – Pose


Vongole by Issa Studio X on the other hand progresses with marine themed designs that are delighting interior designers globally. Here you are treated to a raft of exotic sea shells that wonderfully exude an oceanic freshness. Superb in any location and guaranteed to sweep you away on a tide of joy.

Wallpaper Projects – Vongole


For fresh and invigorating designs, Alex Proba’s collaboration with Wallpaper Projects is sensational. Alex is an artist, painter, illustrator, printmaker, art director and designer.  Born in Germany and based in Los Angeles  she has designed textiles, murals and products for major brands, artists, institutions and public spaces. Experimentation with materials and mediums is at the core of her diverse practice, including woodcuts, painting, collage, and pen and ink, always with a painterly approach.

Wallpaper Projects – Alex Proba


I truly hope that I have inspired you with an overview of our new in, just landed, designs and collections. Please feel free to visit our dedicated page for new arrivals to browse them in full.