New Arrivals: June

Hello there, Maria here.

At last! Summer has arrived and with it a bountiful bonanza of superb releases from a selection of our most revered design houses.

I would like to invite you to revel in the sumptuous range of new designs I have for you. They represent the very best from global design houses and offer immersive, innovative, classical and contemporary murals.



Calico constantly pushes back frontiers through their innovative use of technology and thorough understanding of ancient marbling techniques. Their use of texture, patterns and color is exquisite. Take their new Heartwood Collection for example… 

The pieces boast distinctive wood grain with concentric ripples to evoke an almost 3D design of palpable strength, warmth and growth. Ideal for any interior.


Heartwood – Alma


Also new in, is their Reverie collection, offering a notion of childhood innocence and joy. Artistic director of Calico, Rachel Cope, was inspired by her daughter’s playful spirit in her drawing and painting.  And that element of dream-like, playful expression comes through in the colorful and expressionistic murals featured in the collection. 


Reverie – Wonder


I recommend that you explore the wonder of the amazing sense of scale imagined by artist Matthew Jackson in Calico’s Terra Collection. Inspired by the metaphysical qualities of molten lead, the design impact is astoundingly uncanny, revealing what might be an aerial view of the earth’s terrain. Terra affords us the experience of an otherworldly view of our environmental elements in a scale that is hard to fathom. A gloriously intriguing design that looks exquisite in any living or working space.


Terra – Element


Before moving on to the next new in collection, I’d like to inform you that Calico’s prestigious Aurora collection is now available in six new stratospheric colors.  


Aurora – Silhouette

Explore all shades of Aurora


Coordonné’s – Naturae

The eagerly anticipated Naturae Collection by Coordonné takes marine inspired designs to new depths.  The Naturae Collection explores an impressive selection of aquatic creatures and fauna. The designs are hand drawn, pictorially stunning illustrations of oceans and seas and their magical eco-systems. Whether you are angling for serene marine hues or your very own unique aquarium that reveal the most fabulous sea creatures in magnificent majesty, you will not be disappointed.


Naturae – Humpback Whale


Hi Also new from Coordonné’s is the Random Metallics collection. Prepare to be stunned at the metallic palms crafted in gold – a truly beautiful signature mural in a feast of precious metal hues. Bespoke and unique, this mercurial mural will take your breath away.


Random Metallics -Nympha


Wall&decó – Essential

As you may know, Wall&decó revolutionised mural wall design nearly twenty years ago. They rapidly propelled to superstardom within the interior design world. True to their style, the just landed Essential collection, is both contemporary and luxurious comprising of only the highest artisan skills. I invite you to discover the universe of micro signs, 3D textures, inlays, engravings and light details that thrive in Wall&decó’s Essential collection.


Essential – Haru Petrol


Tres Tintas -Vibra

Fresh from Tres Tintas, their Vibra collection is positively vibrant with contemporary atmospheres conjured up through the application of abstract lines, soft shapes and fluid light forms. A must for spectators of the spectacular.


Aurora Yemoja



Last but, by absolutely no means least, I am thrilled to welcome Newmor to NewWall’s pantheon of interior design house collections. One can only marvel at the myriad of textures, colors and patterns available. From classically woven embossed materials and sublime metallic hues to classic tweeds, linens and silks, you will not be disappointed by the plethora of delights this stellar design house has to offer.



For something a little more subtle, I suggest you review the Indiano collection where charmingly imperfect muted designs thrive. Take for example the beautiful flawed stripes of the Colonial design. This would look captivating in an understated interior space incorporating wooden accessories and furnishings.



I truly hope that I have inspired you with an overview of our new in, just landed, designs and collections. Please feel free to visit our dedicated page for new arrivals to browse them in full.