Rorschach Designs

Here at NewWall, we are captivated and inspired by the magnificent, sophisticated and innovative creations which come from the iconic design house, Timorous Beasties. Collection after collection, these talented designers take our breath away with stunning compositions which promise to transform interiors of all types. This can also be said for their enthralling collection – Rorschach Design.

Inspired by the Rorschach tests established by Hermman Rorschach in his profound publication “Psychodiagnostik ” in 1921, Timorous Beasties’ collection uses the concepts of these psychological tests to create mesmirising wall art. Rorschach inkblots are purposefully curious, in order to create a sense of deep fascination with the viewer, through ambiguous and abstract designs, which invite one to discover meaning within their own emotions. For this reason, these designs were used in Rorschach Tests by psychologists to determine a patient’s emotional reasoning. Timorous Beasties’ Rorschach Design collection uses this fascinating idea to execute a spectacular selection of artworks which promises to transform interiors.


How Can Rorschach Design
Transform your Interior?

The Rorschach Design Collection introduces the idea of perception into interior design, allowing the mural designs to create a bond with the viewer that is entirely personal and unique. Rorschach Design uses the ideas from the emotionally captivating Inkblots created in “Psychodiagnostik” to create captivating and transformative pieces which complements interiors perfectly. The bold and abstract shapes of these designs can be used as a stunning feature wall in a home, to relax the mind and draw attention away from every day anxieties. Alternatively, the uniformity and structure of other creations evoke purpose and focus into a space.


Dining and Living Rooms

Dining and Living Rooms are spaces which invite conversation in a welcoming, relaxed environment that has character. Encompassing a Rorschach Design into one of these spaces is a perfect way to create this delicately balanced atmosphere. The Vertical Stripe Violet Print introduces vibrant reds, blues and purples to create an inkblot design which perfectly complements warmer colour palettes and pairs beautifully with polished dark wood furnishings. Despite the vivid colours displayed in this design, there is a sense of fusion and collaboration rather than discourse, as the reds and blues fuse to create the purple, a design which invites logic and creativity to meet.

Vertical Stripe



The bedroom is the peaceful sanctuary of our homes, where we shed any stresses and relax into long and deep sleeps. A Rorschach Design allows you to do just this, especially with a print such as the Dam Classic Teal Wallpaper. The subtle use of teal in this design evokes the calm of nature and the swirling patterns invite the mind to let go of nagging thoughts and instead draws dream-like ideas into the picture. This is effortlessly complemented with crisp white cotton bedding and light lavenders or blue/green features to introduce a more varied palette.

Dam Classic Teal


Offices & Studies

Offices and Studies are places of creativity, productivity and positive energy. Interiors in spaces used for these purposes should be comfortable and spacious, with grounding features to encourage the mind to focus from meandering and irrelevant ideas. A Rorschach Design like the Chic Blotch assists with this idea seamlessly, as the vivid green provides reassurance in the mind, which would help to balance out stressful thoughts and promote positive thinking. The bold patterns displayed in this design encourage creative thought but are not so complex as to draw focus away from work, making for an ideal feature in an office space. Complement this Wallpaper with classic sleek furnishings, which may range from dark woods to brilliant whites.

Chic Blotch


For assistance seeking the perfect Rorschach Design for your interior, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are delighted to offer our help.