Scenes From The Showroom: A Night At The Opera

Grandeur, elegance, and a dash of drama – it could only be a night at the opera. Join us, as we take you through this spectacular scene from our showroom.

Our Showroom: where the magic happens

Here at NewWall, we’re all about helping our clients create the perfect interiors. We find that the greatest interior ideas come with a little inspiration. 

That’s what our showroom is all about. Designed to help our clients conjure ideas from a range of stylistic influences, a stroll through our showroom provides an array of design possibilities to help make that imaginative magic happen.

Each season is given a spectacular scene, and we’re thrilled to share Winter’s with you right here. Welcome to “A Night At The Opera”.

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Welcome to
A Night At The Opera

For this conceptual creation, we drew influence from the children’s book – The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery, by Graeme Base. A whimsical, vibrant and spectacular take on a ‘Who Dun It’, set in a beautiful ballroom – this tale perfectly blends the essence of a night at the opera, with child-like fantasy.

Image source: Razz Red by Tres Tintas

This section of our showroom is hard to miss, with all the trimmings of extravagance and elegance from the opera, paired impeccably with fantastical fantasy themes. Here are a few of our favorite features…

The Illuminated Illusion

This area of our showroom doesn’t only exist on the inside – in fact, this first one can be spotted from the street – to be enjoyed by passers-by.

Our illuminated illusion uses Hamlet by Trest Tintas on paneling to create a Trompe L’Oeil (a design that tricks the eye).

Each window has a centered spotlight, to add depth and warmth to the image. We then ran LED string lights across the balcony railings on the wallpaper itself. From the outside, this allows onlookers to see all angles of the theater!

Inside the Opera

When stepping inside the showroom, we wanted all visitors to be whisked away to a world of imagination – as one would through the windows at Bergdorfs in Manhattan.

What better way to do this, than with the work of Dorothy Draper?

The brilliant red drapes of this jaw-dropping design promise to take our visitors’ breath away – especially when coupled with our fantasy elements. 

The Fantasy Themes

Throughout the showroom, you’ll find mounts of exotic animals, dressed in their finest – ready for the opera. 

These are all hand-crafted using papier mache, and each creature has its own unique features. From fantastic fabric coverings and unique headwear to jewel and Swarovski crystal embellishments – the closer you look, the more you’ll see.

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We hope you enjoyed this tour around Winter’s scene from the showroom. Ready to explore in person? We’d love for you to visit.