Sea Creatures, Shells & Scales

With the warmer months almost upon us, our minds are naturally drawn to days spent by the ocean. Our imagination is ignited to consider the life beneath the waves and how their tranquil beauty has the ability to transform an interior. And, it is clear that we are not the only ones…a wave of marine themed wallpaper designs has sparked global intrigue.


If you are fishing for insight into current and future trends in interior design, then look to the surge in unique maritime themes for inspiration. The trend towards maritime and emerging maximalism escapist designs excites us which is why we have a selection of inspirational and remarkable pieces of wallart to share with you. 


For those who hanker for pattern and color, you will be awash with ideas of how splendid sea creatures, shells and scales can invigorate any interior.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the mysterious underwater world portrayed by 17 Patterns. Their Jellyfish design offers an aquatic paradise with electric jellyfish lurking amongst seaweed and coral. The design is brought to life with trailing tentacles radiating against the darkest depths of the ocean. These natural wonders of the world are available in four soothing sceneries (ivory, grey, navy and black) which are stunningly brought to life with vibrant flourishes of colors such as electric blue, pink, peach and green.

Jellyfish Black by 17 Patterns


Who can help but marvel at the grace and intelligence of bowhead whales? House of Hackney offers you the opportunity to enhance your space with their magnificence of these creatures in motion. Featured against sumptuous aegean blue stripes, the serenity of the design is incomparable while staying true to Art Deco style that House of Hackney is renowned for Originally created to add interest to small or less visible corners of the home, this print also works beautifully in children’s rooms and bathrooms.

Baleana Cream & Aegean Blue by House Of Hackney


Fishing with Escher is on a different scale altogether. Minimalism fuses maximalism, carp weave in a harvest of color, in 3 dimensions that scale all expectations. These superb designs are tantalisingly clever and invite those with a taste for the exquisite things in life to fashion their walls with them.

Fish by MC Escher


Languish in Tres Tintas Tokyo design as part of their mural collection by Mitos Bermejo. Journey into his exploration of sub aqua landscapes, featuring a brave new world of sublime color and dreamscapes to float your imagination. These are exquisitely beautiful images that will take you to Tokyo’s most luxurious mural seascape.

Tokyo by Tres Tintas Barcelona


Those yearning for color from their floral interiors need look no further than Midnight Garden wallpaper. Here, we see a duskier, more romantic take on a classic country garden scene, inspired by the Dutch Masters. The dark background allows the off-whites, pinks, and blues to really shine through, creating a calming yet mysterious scene. Perfect for a bedroom or relaxation space, Midnight Garden pairs beautifully with classic, stand-alone lamps and crisp, white linen.

Little Scales by MC Escher


Do you dream of halcyon summers immersed in tranquil serenity? Why not experience it with Wall & Deco’s La Vie En Rose design? Sublime reflections of teaming carp cunningly camouflage amidst an array of invigorating pastel shades. Perfect petals delicately hand-painted in a glowing range of pinks, creates a soft, dreamy and harmonious interior space to dream for.

La Vie En Rose by Wall&Deco


We hope that you feel inspired to experiment with marine life in your own space. Please browse the full collection of marine life inspired designs here.