Shop by Style: Bright & Light

In search of a new style to break out of the everyday mold? It’s time to explore the interior possibilities of bright and light styles, with these stunning designs from Calico.

A little about Calico

Founded by Rachel and Nick Cope, Calico Wallpaper was created with the inspiration to move art beyond the frame, to incorporate beauty into everyday interior spaces. A quick browse through their collections unlocks so many creative possibilities, from bold and beautiful designs to soft and subtle creations.


Masters of balance, this Brooklyn-born design house harnesses perspective, texture, color and pattern to create immersive environments. All of which are created in their dedication to uncover the infinite possibilities of interior expression.

Here are a few of our favorite bright and light concepts from Calico.

Bold Strokes, with Reverie Wonder

Abstract is always in, and we can think of no better way to introduce it to your space than with Reverie Wonder.

Bold strokes of warming colors burst from the design, serving to elevate and brighten even the dullest of corners. Add to your home office, to inject a surge of cheerful and creative energy. 

Refract and reflect, with Prism Halo

As any artist will attest to, one of the hardest things to capture in our world is the behavior of light. Well, it would seem Calico is the exception to this rule.

Prism Halo could be mistaken for natural reflections and refractions of light traveling through your space, as glimmers cascade across the wall. This makes it the perfect solution if you have a darker room. As Prism Halo tricks the eye to mistake art for sunlight!

Moves and grooves, with Abstract Dream/Soma

Looking to fill a dead space in your interior? Abstract will do the trick! This impressive feature unapologetically takes up space, injecting bright, positive energy into its surroundings – no matter the colorway.

Nothing quite pairs with this charming creation quite like a quirky little house plant. And you don’t even have to have a green thumb to get this pairing – we’ve provided some tips for you here. 

Rise and Shine, with Colorwash Arise

This one’s for the Yogis…if sun salutations were re-imagined as a wallpaper, what would they look like? To us, it would be Colorwash Arise. 

Soft yet sure, bright yet light, this simple design is oh, so effective in creating positive, calming energy. This design is the perfect way to create a recharging space in your interiors – something that we could all benefit from!

Throw some shapes, with Glow Flame

Last but certainly not least in our exploration of bright and light with Calico, we have Glow Flame. Quirky and charming, we adore this design for its simple blending of squares and color.

We recommend pairing with contrasting shapes, such as a chevron or herringbone floor, and feature globe lighting for a trendy, maximalist approach to your interior. 

We hope you enjoyed this edition of shop by style. Be sure to explore Calico’s full collection here at NewWall, today.