Chinoiserie Tapestry By Coordonné

At NewWall we’re always thinking of new and innovative ways to add depth to interiors. Whether it be through color, texture, material or perspective, we find viewing your surroundings as an artistic escape is an incredibly effective interior design technique. We’re loving the use of tapestry in the home at the moment… which leads to the subject of Chinoiserie. Today, we’re going to explore the possibilities of this timeless tapestry style for your space.

Chinoiserie History

Coming from the term ‘chinois’, meaning Chinese in French, the artistic style is inspired by native Asian countries in the 18th century. The design is a European interpretation of the decorative heritage, literature, theater and architecture that has embodied most of Eastern Asia. Over time, the style has been adapted and expressed differently across the globe. If you’re a person who enjoys traditional Asian murals and history, you’ll certainly be amazed by what chinoiserie has to offer.


We like to spice things up here at NewWall, and we’re thrilled to share with you our latest homeware obsession – Chinoiserie Tapestry by Coordonné. Based on a family-run design house in Barcelona, Coordonné is renowned for its bold and innovative designs; Chinoiserie is no exception.

Let’s talk Tapestry…

We love the use of tapestry in interiors, particularly because of its versatility. Using fabric that has a multi-use purpose allows you to showcase your material possessions effectively. Whether you want to use your tapestry as a mural to elevate your style, as a bedspread to add to your luxurious home qualities or even draped over a large spread table to sophistication to your dinner party settings – the possibilities of such a product are endless.

4 Ways To Use Tapestry: Featuring the Chinoiserie Tapestry Collection

1. Hang your tapestry on a wall

Hanging your tapestry on a wall can be a perfect way to accentuate your artistic aesthetic without the permanence or hassle of wallpaper. This option is great for renters or those who move around temporarily. 

How do you hang a tapestry? There’s an array of options…

  • Use nails, push pins or command strips
  • Stretch your fabric over a frame 
  • Secure your tapestry with velcro
  • Use a baseboard 
  • Hang your tapestry from a rod
  • Create a canopy
  • Try using a poster hanger
  • For more details visit Architectural Digest


Need inspiration? Garzas Tapestry Clow looks spectacular and is hung up on the wall. At the peak of a summer’s day, the golden shade brightens up the room and transports you to a rural oasis.

2. As a bedspread

For a stunning bedroom feature, use your tapestry as a luxurious bedspread. Remember, It’s not just used as a decorative piece; as the warmer weather is approaching and the tapestry is lightweight, you may opt to use it alone as you relax in comfort. 

Tapestry bedspreads are a great way to keep your interiors on-trend, without the need for heavy-duty decorating. A great example of this can be seen in Edo Mint. Featuring a white blossom tree and two tall peacocks perching with pride on a sage backdrop – this design is physical proof that tapestry and trends go hand in hand.

3. Large dining table cover

Will you be throwing decadent dinner parties this year? Impress your guests by using a tapestry as a large table cloth to pair with your equally extravagant table settings. If you’re a vintage china enthusiast, we have the perfect design for you.

We have just the tapestry for your dining table – Garzas Rose. The deep mute pinkish tones expel warming vibes that can be transferred through the chatter with loved ones. Pair it with detailed china or golden finished cutlery, and sure enough, the ensemble will be the talking point of the night. (Just remember to wash it before repurposing as a bedspread!)

4. As a curtain

Are you a lover of lavish curtains? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to revamp your space? Well, you could use your tapestry as a draped curtain to close off the dark times of the day and be the gateway to open the room to the sunny views of the daytime sky. If you’re one for minimalistic furniture and walls but want to add a unique feature to your space, this is your best bet!

We recommend this light pink blush tapestry – Edo Pink. What’s better to accompany your window frame, than the vision of tall blooming trees and peaceful wildlife? With this imagery, you’ll never want to open your curtains again.

Ready to explore further how you can enhance your space with the Coordonné collection? Please view the Chinoiserie collection of wallpaper here.

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