Interior Inspirations from Killing Eve

What was the last show that ignited your creative energy? For us at NewWall, it has to be Killing Eve. From wardrobe to set design, this show never failed to wow us in every episode. Today, we’re exploring the iconic interior creations from this BBC epic, showing you how you can recreate these looks in your own space.

A Parisian Paradise

Hélène’s apartment was filled with chic, utterly sophisticated designs throughout season 4 – but for us, none beat her bedroom. A true Parisian paradise, this set balances style and character beautifully with calming tones that can be recreated in your own space.   

The first step to shaping your space into a Hélène-esque interior is to pull through those key features. Light blue wall colors are an ideal choice for a bedroom, as it promotes calm and relaxation, plus it’ll complement a wide range of features without being overpowering, too. 

For the feature wall, you’ll need a design that exudes class and calm sophistication, without dominating the space.

My Favourite Perfume

For those seeking a bold contrast, we recommend My Favourite Perfume, from CWC. This stunning deep backdrop allows the delicate wildflowers to shine.

Yoo Too

For those who favor a more varied pallet, we recommend CWC’s Yoo Too. The depth of this design works to transport you to a secret garden, creating an immersive relaxation experience.

Havana, oh nana

Catherine was a character that never ceased to surprise. Throughout the latest season, she occupied the most eclectic range of interiors – from dingy digs in Russia to the 70’s dreams scenes in London. One that stood out in particular, however, has to be the shabby chic sets of Havana. A city famed for its incredible vintage aesthetic, this is a fantastic interior to steal inspiration from for your own space.

The key to nailing this style, is to not let the shabby overpower the chic. It’s all about balance.

Dark Ancient Rug

Take this stunning design from Coordonné, for example. Oozing with character, Dark Ancient Rug takes the aesthetic of a vintage, worn rug and re-imagines it as a mural. Pair with mismatched furnishings for a Havana inspired interior.

Mina Yellow

For a more subtle application of this theme, we’d suggest Tres Tintas’ Mina design. Available in a range of stunning pallets, Mina provides a warming, speckled effect that adds character and charm without  dominating the space.

Glazed Concrete

A great way to echo Havana interiors is through faux aged features – like Glazed Concrete from Tres Tintas. A design that perfectly captures a modern feel through an aged paint effect, is a perfect way to recreate Catherine’s Cuban set in your space.

Bustling Barcelona

In Season 3, we saw the most jaw-dropping of Villanelle’s homes – the villa in the heart of Barcelona. Grand, opulent and utterly fabulous, this space provides a huge range of interior ideas. In particular, those wall tiles. 

To recreate this Spanish haven in your own space, you’ll need to draw out the key aspects – think style, color and theme.


Ideal for those who like the tile effect, but are not so crazy on the florals, Carioca provides a great burst of color that’ll certainly spice up your space. The warm pallet instantly transports you to spanish scenes, and can be beautifully paired with a range of furnishings.

Montsi Naranja

For those who want to go bold in their tile effect – why not go full feature mosaic? Montsi Naranja from Tres Tintas Barcelona is vibrant, loud and yet surprisingly complementary of an array of interior stylings.

Cicadea Charcoal

One of the most iconic buildings in Europe, is the Sagrada Familia. This epic, famously unfinished catholic church is one of the greatest prides of architecture in Barcelona – so why not take some inspiration for your space? Cicadea Charcoal from Wall & Deco is a fantastic feature to your space, to add a little flavor of Barcelona, and spark great conversations.

A London Look

Perhaps one of the homeliest interiors of season 3 had to be the London apartment. Earthy tones and exposed floors to ceilings created an intriguing, unique approach for interior ideas. You can emulate this in your space, and you don’t even need to un-plaster your walls to do it!


Exactly as the title suggests, Coordonné’s Bricks design allows you to introduce the stylish aesthetic of an exposed wall, without the effort. Available in a stunning range of colors, this design offers the opportunity to be subtle or bold in your choice.


Want to recreate that exposed wooden ceiling? Then Coordonné has the design for you. Try applying the Ribbon wallpaper to your ceiling, for an interesting and exciting twist to your interiors.

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into the interior designs behind Killing Eve. Browse our collection today, to make your dream interior a reality. 

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