Shop by Style: Sensational Shapes

Ever look at your space and think it’s missing something? You’re not alone. So often, in the jumble of color pallets, mood boards, functionality checks and furnishing picks, we miss those final details which tie the vision together. Well, we have the answer. It’s time to introduce some sensational shapes to your space, thanks to wall coverings from Tres Tintas Barcelona.

A little about
Tres Tintas Barcelona

Established in 2004 following a 65-year heritage in the wallpaper industry, Tres Tintas quickly became a well-known family business. Their creations range from professional designs for residential projects and hotels to commercial properties. Tres Tintas’ creative niche surrounds contemporary, urban, avant-garde and provocative concepts that are stunningly translated into wallpaper murals.

Masters of balance, this Brooklyn-born design house harnesses perspective, texture, color and pattern to create immersive environments. All of which are created in their dedication to uncover the infinite possibilities of interior expression.

Here are a few of our favorite bright and light concepts from Calico.

Sensational Shapes

Shapes and swerves have great power over an interior. They can create art, enhance a mood and totally transform the energy of your space. You just need to know what to look for. 

Top tip – before you buy, you should consider what you want your mural to achieve. Trust us, it’ll make your shopping experience much easier.  

All in, with Alika

Alika, or “most beautiful”, lives up to its name by creating a wonderful depth and texture using simple shapes and shadow. Part of the Dankie collection, this design is one of a selection of eclectic murals created to take you on a journey through Africa. Alika’s geometric style and textured appearance is a wonderful choice for those seeking to inject a little culture into their space.

Personally, we love this mural paired with simple panelling (seen above) for an interesting, yet totally on trend look.

Keep it Classy, with Curvi

Curvi, from the abstract celebrating Vibra collection, is perfect for those spaces that need a little something more – but not too much. The soft swerves in fine metallics create a calming atmosphere, especially with the stunning subtle pallets their paired with. 

Pair with warm, neutral tones to allow this design to truly shine.

Pleasing perfection, with Xanela

Ready to make a statement? If so, Xanela is perfect for you. This geometric beauty injects life and creativity into any interior. The pleasingly perfect nature of this design comes from it’s foundations in simplicity. Interesting shapes and shades emerge using circles and rectangles, and you’ll find the more you stare, the more you love it.

A part of the Lemon collection, we love Xanela in rooms that are filled with positive, lively energy, such as a dining room or living space.

Make a scene, with Idem

Pattern doesn’t always need to be busy. Idem, from the Gaia collection, proves that. Perfect for you minimalist lovers looking for a design that adds a little character, Idem’s impossibly perfect lines and circles in a simple two-tone pallet make a simple, strong statement. 

We recommend introducing this into an office or reading space, for a professional, yet creative energy.  

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into sensational shapes from Tres Tintas Barcelona. Explore their full range here at NewWall, today.