Shop by Style: Your 4-Step Guide to Boho Chic Interiors

Struggling to make your house feel like a home? Boho Chic may be the missing piece to your interior puzzle. Read on to discover our 4 simple ways to introduce this style into your space.

A little about Boho Chic

When we say Boho Chic, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the cowboy boots and floaty dress combo that adorned celebs in the noughties, or maybe it’s hippy-esque scenes of the 60’s…

Both are quite right! But that’s not where Boho began. For its origins, we need to look back to 19th Century France. 

The Bohemians of Paris were a group of artistic individuals seeking to break out of societal conventions to create new and exciting forms of expression. Artistically, think Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Edgar Degas…

or fantastically…think of the movie Moulin Rouge!

Their style wasn’t luxurious or opulent, instead, cultural exploration was their wealth. Rugs from India, art from China, books from America, the very nature of Boho interiors was grounded in the eclectic. 

This is perhaps why the trend has remained popular to this day. It’s a style where your life journeys can be celebrated in your space – where items that would, to some seem mismatched, come together into a unique and vibrant celebration of memories. The perfect way to make a space feel like your own. 

So, how can you recreate this easily in your space? Here’s our 4-step guide.

1. Plants, Plants, Plants

Indoor plants are all the rage right now – but did you know they can help inject a little Boho Chic into your space? By introducing an exotic beauty or two to your space, you add a little natural cultural nod. 

Not quite ready to take on a green little life? You could introduce plants through your wallpaper instead.

A design like Aceituna Silvestre pays homage to the olive trees found in the Mediterranean. Find a design that reminds you of a fond memory abroad, and select a wallpaper to match.

2. Communal comforts

Boho chic calls for spaces that encourage conversation – and to do that, you need comfort. The best way to achieve this, is with low-level, super plush seating. From armchairs and sofas to beanies and floor cushions, you need your space to be as cozy as possible.

For extra levels of comfort, be sure to layer with throws, blankets, cushions and rugs.

3. Texture twists

Boho Chic cannot be achieved without variety. You need to mix things up. A great way to do this, is with textures and patterns. Mismatch your throw cushions, mix wood types and textures, you want to create an eclectic air!

4. Creative collections

This is our final step because it’s an activity that never truly ends. Your collections should grow with your life. Adorn your space with memories of holidays, family, friends, or whatever makes your soul sing.

It could take form in artwork, sculptures, ornaments…the list is endless. Creative collections are the best, most personal way to achieve the BoHo Chic style in your space. 

Ready to get started? Filter by BoHo Chic today, to find the perfect pieces to make your home.