Styling Stripes with House of Hackney

Seeking style inspiration this fall? Your search is over, as House of Hackney offers stunning new striped wallpaper and fabric designs here at NewWall, perfect for your space. 

Discover how you can effectively achieve design excellence with stripes within your interiors.


A peek into the past

We often find that when looking for a spark of interior inspiration, the past is a good place to start. Stripes soured into style during the 18th Century. Being featured in both French and American revolutionary visuals, stripes were not just a style choice, but a statement. 

From flags and badges to drapes and wallpaper, stripes were taking the new world by storm and were considered a chic addition to an interior. This was largely thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous striped Egyptian-inspired tent adorning his living room – stripes were for showing off. 

Styling stripes continued to thrive in 19th-century interiors, as the Victorian era treasured bold, vibrant color pallets and patterns. House of Hackney draw inspiration from the interiors of this period and offer you the unique possibility to welcome a Victorian element to your interiors. 


Camelot Stripes

Invigorate your interior, with Camelot. This striking design from House of Hackney offers you a rare opportunity to introduce a bold, bright print that compliments feature furnishings. Create a modern, unique and exquisitely stylish space, with the warm colors of Garnet & petrol. 

Camelot Stripe Garnet & Petrol by House of Hackney


For those seeking a more subtle palette, we recommend Camelot in Lilac and Verdigris. Tones alluding to nature create a more calming air to a space, making it an ideal addition to a bedroom or relaxation space. Pair with polished, wood furnishings and floral features for a fresh and organic feel.

Camelot Stripe Lilac & Verdigris by House of Hackney

Camelot is available as both wallpaper and fabric, so you can style these stripes in your own, unique way.



For a touch of Victorian opulence, we recommend the Olwen design. The epitome of this era’s style, the Olwen fabric is ideal for upholstery, curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. Beautifully intertwining floral and bird features in vertically striped blocks, use this fabric to upcycle an armchair or as floor-length curtains for a style that never goes out of vogue. Available in a variety of colors, the Olwen design allows you the freedom to style to your tastes, whether that be the deep tones of noir or the lighter, more summery tones of dusk

Alternatively, introduce this design in its wallpaper form – for a bold, striped style that oozes class.

Olwen Noir by House of Hackney



Discover the spark to ignite your interior dreams with House of Hackney’s full range of beautiful, 19th century-inspired wallpaper designs here at NewWall, today.