5 Ways to Decorate With Toile

Are you considering introducing Toile into your interior? From whimsical features to abstracts statements, today we’re exploring the range of Toile fabrics and wallpaper we offer here at NewWall. 



A glimpse into the history of Toile


Although originating in Ireland, the style of Toile is a quintessentially French design feature, in both fabric and wallpaper. Produced in the small town Jouy, the style coined the name Toile de Jouy, which is used to this day.

A style adored throughout France, Toile was used through pre and post-revolutionary France to tell stories taking place across the world, typically using pastoral scenes on a white background.

Despite its rich heritage, Toile is still very much relevant to this day. Let’s explore 5 different ways on how you can style Toile right nowfor our times. 


Playtime Paradise

At NewWall, we understand that creating a space that your child loves is very important – but navigating their ever-evolving style can feel like a ceaseless task. By introducing Toile into this interior, you inject youthful energy that can adapt to your growing one’s tastes. 

Peter’s Party in Marigold is an exquisite example of this. Designed by Cope, the Toile featuring peter rabbit injects a touch of nostalgic childhood fun, with beautifully illustrated scenes cascading across a stunningly warm selection of pallets. A character for his daring and mischief, Peter is an entertaining addition to a child’s space.




Subtle Surprises

Introducing Toile into your space needn’t be a huge statement. Why not use Toile to create a subtle yet surprising addition to your space?



 By introducing a design such as Zuber’s Groult II A Cheval into a closet, changing room or other small space, you can welcome stunning French heritage (in more ways than one!) without it dominating the interior.



A Toast to Tradition

Welcome the traditional ideas of Toiles de Jouy with a modern twist, with Timorous Beasties brilliant New York Toile design. 



Introduce the epic structures of New York into your space, either with the customary Toile white background or in a selection of bold alternatives, for a great twist on tradition. 



Scenic Ceilings

Dare to be different? We invite you to indulge in the concept of a feature ceiling. Welcome the rolling clouds indoors, with Cloud Toile from Timorous Beasties. Bold, beautiful and brilliant, this design promises to transform your space with enviable creativity. 




Boho Beauty 

For those who favor a more boho-chic flavor in their space, we recommend the Sineu print from Cordonné’s Mallorca collection. Perfectly complemented by lush, indoor plants, treasures from your travels and exposed wood furnishings, this design is a great way to incorporate Toile into your style. 



We hope you enjoyed our style suggestions for a selection of this selection of stunning Toile designs here at NewWall.