Trend-Led Design with Newmor

Texture, color and pattern…it’s the foundation of our work at NewWall. We’re driven to source only the best products from those who share our enthusiasm for high-quality, distinctive design.  And, Newmor is no exception to this.

Discover Newmor

Newmor offers beautifully crafted, trend-led wallcoverings that can be recolored, rescaled and printed on a whole host of materials, including a variety of textures, metallics and window films. They’re committed to bridging the gap between craft work and commercial interiors.  

The design house are based in the United Kingdom and interestingly, are the largest independent commercial wall art manufacturer in the sovereign country. Since their inception in 1967, Newmor has been a successful family owned business, owing their growth to a deep, specialist knowledge of textured vinyl art. Such mastery has resulted in the impeccable and hardwearing designs that they are renowned for.


The rise in demand for texture

Global demand for textured wallcoverings is on the rise, which has contributed to Newmor’s success over the years. Their use of traditional manufacturing techniques, paired with cutting-edge new technology enables them to produce exquisite designs in an array of textures. 

From classic tweeds, linens and silks to contemporary geometrics and metallic effects,  each design is perfectly crafted. Take a look at their Ashlar Block design for example. It’s very contemporary, and intertwines metallic splendor and with such a unique texture.

Newmor – Ashlar Block


On the end of the spectrum is their very classic, yet timeless Herringbone textured design.

Newmor – Herringbone


Their skills don’t stop at texture, they are also adept at incorporating a wide variety of colors in their work. Take Stud for example. 

This design draws inspiration from industrial metal patterns, such as those used on manhole coverings, but with such creative use of color, they have been able to achieve a highly versatile design that works within a whole host of interiors.




Newmor – Stud


David Johnston Commercial Director at Newmor puts the quality of their work down to their adherence to keeping production in house. He is very clear on Newmor’s commitment to invest and manufacture in the UK. He states: 

“We make a specialist product which requires a skilled workforce. It’s true that having our own facility gives us a competitive edge, being able to design and manufacture in one location delivers much greater flexibility to our customers’.


We hope that you have enjoyed discovering more about Newmor and are as enthralled as we are by their impressive work and enchanting textured designs. We invite you to discover their work in more detail by visiting their collection page on our website.