4 Ways to Turn Your Black Thumb Green

Have you invited beautiful house plants into your space, only to watch helplessly as they wither and die away?  From nature-loving interior trends to refreshing health benefits, house plants are a wonderful way to inject life into your interiors, but, the fact is, we’re not all plant experts. Lucky for you, at NewWall we have an alternative way to enhance your space using wall murals, all the while ensuring you sustain the botanical ambience that you have been yearning for.

1. Pick low maintenance plants

If you’re thinking strategically, low maintenance plants are a brilliant place to start. Although they may not be as exotic as the alluring (yet infamously fussy) Calathea or Japanese Peace Lily, there are a number of beautiful, and easy-going species that thrive under black thumbed ownership. 

Here is a list of our favorite low maintenance plants to fill your home with:


Known as snake plants, don’t need a lot of water or light. Forgetting to water them for two weeks won’t make a difference.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidiistra Elatior)

Synonymous with its name, this plant is tough! Drawing from minimal light and surviving in dark areas, the cast iron plant successfully grow for years without overwatering.


Not just a beautiful addition to the home, but is also able to flourish with little care. Blooming for weeks and months on end.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera best grows in lots of sunlight without too much water. Indications of excessively toxic air will cause the leaves to show brown spots – a great indicator. Not to worry, because Aloe vera cleans the air of harmful chemicals.

And what better way to complement your thriving, low-maintenance plants, than with a beautiful backdrop? Take a look at a design by Calico – Overgrow Alice.

This wallpaper will not only transport the room to botanical bliss, it truly transforms the space to embody a lakeside, forestry setting. The depiction of seasonal earthy tones and colors shifts the atmosphere to your ideal mood. The transition of the wallcovering to the ceiling creates a beautiful, almost windswept, illusion.

2. Faux Plants

If you’re truly sold on the aesthetic of a trickier species, then faux plants are the answer to your prayers. There are so many great options out there, and they provide all the amazing aesthetic without the effort! Welcoming faux plants into your space is the more hassle-free way to incorporate botanicals within your interior design, here’s a few of our top picks.

Big Leaf Plants

If you are looking to make a statement, faux big leaf plants are your best option. We recommend finding a big and beautiful Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plant to fill spacious corners and explore ways in which to incorporate height within your room.

Mini Succulents

For those who adore miniature details and perfect patterns, there’s no better option than mini succulents. From mini garden tray features to stand alone statements, succulents come in all different colors, shapes and sizes, and are a great way to enhance the uniqueness and character of your environment.

Or, could you be convinced by the alternative? You guessed it – the Florella wallpaper from the Les Vanguards Collection.

Choose from a range of different colors to suit your needs. You will be enthralled by a vision of the amalgamation of hanging flowers and flowing leaves portraying a sense of peace and unity. The backdrop is perfect for the awakening of the coming spring and summer months. If you look close enough, you can see the detailing of flowers falling from their stems to portray a rhythmic movement.

3. Framed plants or wallpaper samples

Looking for a more subtle or simplistic approach to brightening up a room with floristry? We’ve got an idea!

Framed naturistic or floral photos can brighten up any room. Or better still, collect your favorite flower heads, petals or other foliage and combine them into dehydrated pressed portraits. Not only does great, but you’ll have fun arranging it too. Here are some suggestions for the best flowers to create your dried botanical art:

  • Daisies
  • Pansies 
  • Violets 
  • Delphiniums
  • Bellflowers 
  • Roses
  • Calendula
  • Dahlias
  • French Marigolds

If you’re not so interested in arranging your own floral creation, we have another option for you. Use a wallpaper sample to fill your frame! There are so many options to choose from and by obtaining a select few, you could interchange the samples to what suits your mood or style of the room. The possibilities are endless.

Climbing Flowers from the Naturae Collection features a beautiful synergy of delicate, hanging flowers in an almost chain-like presentation. The mix of warming, alluring colors would enhance any room for the spring or summer. The imagery of a fresh garden that blooms throughout the day will, sure enough, brighten your atmosphere. Try a sample of Climbing Flowers to present in your favourite frame – we’re sure that you won’t regret it.

4. Plant designs on fabrics and cushions

So far we’ve seen the option of introducing low maintenance plants, faux plants and features of picturesque foliage. We’ve all heard of feature walls – now, let’s delve into the feature of botanical fabrics and cushions.

Starting with the vibrant green and pink fabric Akakina II Green by Dorothy Draper. Using floral fabrics around the home can be a perfect way to add floral texture. The pairing of identical wallpapering and fabric can make a great collaboration to the organization and aesthetic of the room.

For those who prefer a simplistic approach to fabrics, we recommend the cushions by Cope in the Flora Collection. Ranging in three shapes and sizes, Oyster 1 adds a final detail to the intricacies of the room, following a well rounded appeal. The pastel, soft colors paired with the linen texture creates a peaceful, light and fresh ambience.

Want to really make a statement? If so, we suggest the Wild Floral wallpapers from the Naturae Collection by Coordinne. Featuring a dark background and vibrant exotic plants, Wild Floral catches one’s eye, and works wonderfully against contrasting botanic prints. Transform your space into a secret garden paradise, and experience the fabulous detailing and shading of the plants that almost seem as if they are growing from the ground below.

We truly hope that you’re inspired by our suggestions for sustaining a botanical ambience without the maintainance of a real plant. For more handy ideas, head over to our fabrics and cushions page to view the textiles available.


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