Uplifting Yellow

With the pandemic beginning to ease, better days are on the horizon. New opportunities and experiences are just waiting to unfold.  Now is the perfect time to transform your interior to create an inviting space that exudes inspiration and positive energy!

Recently voted as half of Pantone’s color of the year for 2021 – yellow is the perfect color to achieve this with.  The warm, and welcoming tones promise to stir positivity and joy, whether you opt for bold, deep mustard or golden hues.

When it comes to wall murals, the design possibilities in uplifting yellow are incredible. From maximalism, through to unconventional boho design and child-friendly styles, in this article we will share with you our top picks.



For the brave and bold, those who like to experiment with their interiors, we invite you to make a statement with maximalist designs in uplifting yellow.

Lemurs Green by Coordonné



Timorous Beasties – Totem Damask Sunflower Yellow MATT/08


Stir intrigue in your interior with the incredible Totem Damask design by Timorous Beasties. The kaleidoscopic-like colorways and highly-patterned vertical totems project over an invigorating yellow backdrop to invigorate your interior. 

Such rich layering of patterns calls out to be paired with clashing textiles, plush armchairs and decadent furnishings,for a mismatched style that perfectly fuses historical design and modernity.


House of Hackney- Zanjan Topaz


For an escapist twist on maximalism, we invite you to discover the Persian-inspired ZANJAN from House of Hackney. Evocative of a traditional, middle eastern carpet, the design incorporates an exquisite golden shade of yellow topaz with a captivating ogee pattern. 

Transport yourself to an exotic land and experience the wonder of travel in your very own space.



Have an eye for the unconventional and artistic? Embrace the boho nature of designs from Abnormals Anonymous and Calico. Boho style offers the freedom to get creative with your interior and when combined with the color yellow, is incredibly invigorating.

Abnormals Anonymous – Wavelength Golden Delicious


Replace structure and order with mesmerizing layers of pattern and texture seen in Abnormal Anonymous’s Wavelength Golden Delicious. When featured in your space, the variations of yellow from golden sand tones to deep mustard hues promises to exude relaxation and serenity.


Calico – Abstract Dream


Take it back to the Summer of Love’s movement in Paris with Abstract Dream, a vibrant and incredibly exciting design by Calico. Perfect for those with a taste for boho, Abstract Dream explores the ways of the mind through inventive use of line, color and shape. Incredibly expressive, Calico invites you to embrace the beauty of overlapping washes of color in muted yellow,  vibrant greens, blues and purples in your interior.


For The Little Ones 

A child’s nursery should be a place of education and creativity. When used in the right design, yellow is the perfect color to capture the attention and focus of young minds.

For the ultimate blend of calm and intrigue, Introduce Coordonné’s captivatingly playful Pompitas design in yellow in a child’s room. Little ones will be thrilled to discover the watercolor style bubbles as they float across the paper.  This design will be sure to revitalize your space, exuding vibrancy and energy in a cool, abstract style.


Wallpaper Projects – Triad N.8


Express a child’s character and playful side with Wallpaper Project’s Triad N.8. The explosion of neon yellow is incredibly energizing, while the gradient style blending technique aids relaxation and ensures the wall mural isn’t overpowering in a space. Triad N.8 allows you to introduce yellow into your interior while also exploring more than just the one shade.


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