Vintage Florals. Back in Vogue.

Inspiration comes in many forms. For some, it’s a dream or essence captured in an isolated, unique thought. For others, it’s found through admiration for what has already been. As humans, we guide our morals and our societal structure from history, and design is no exception. 

Here at NewWall, we believe the most encapsulating interiors emerge when the rich tapestry of our past is drawn upon,  to create something exciting and new. Today, we’re exploring the vintage floral designs that are back in vogue today.


The Swinging 20’s

As we’re in the ’20s, we thought there would be no better place to start than with the glorious prints of Dorothy Draper Design House. The antithesis of minimalism, Dorothy Draper’s vibrant, exuberant interiors have been transforming spaces since 1925. A classic example of innovation from past inspiration, the work of Dorothy Draper drew elements of Baroque and Rococo features to create the now definitive Hollywood Regency design. But how can we incorporate this style today? 

The Sweet Violets wallpaper from Collection I encapsulates the energy for which Draper’s work is known while sparking potential for modern interior design ideas. This print works to breathe subtle character into your space, while beautifully complementing more modern features, such as glass top furnishings. The purple, white, and green palette doesn’t distract from the space, but rather enhances it, allowing the potential to experiment with a fluid range of possibilities.


Sweet Violets Purple / White by Dorothy Draper


For those seeking to capture the vibrant, striking spirit of Draper’s work, they need look no further than the Fazenda Lily Red wallpaper. An explosion of color, as captivating as a wild garden in summer, this particular design is not one to stay silent. Bold, eye-catching, and conversational, this print works perfectly in creative spaces and is wonderfully complemented by deep leather armchairs and dark wood furnishings.


Fazenda Lily Red by Dorothy Draper


English Roses

For those seeking a more classic vintage floral design to introduce into their space, we recommend that you look no further than the stunning HOFH collection, from House of Hackney. The London Rose wallpaper in smoke grey encapsulates the understated elegance of Victorian England. The crisp, white background with soft greys is a wonderful way to subtly introduce vintage florals without drawing attention away from the space. Pair with bold, block color feature furnishings for a quirky modern twist on a classic English interior.


London Rose Smoke Grey by House Of Hackney


Those yearning for color from their floral interiors need look no further than Midnight Garden wallpaper. Here, we see a duskier, more romantic take on a classic country garden scene, inspired by the Dutch Masters. The dark background allows the off-whites, pinks, and blues to really shine through, creating a calming yet mysterious scene. Perfect for a bedroom or relaxation space, Midnight Garden pairs beautifully with classic, stand-alone lamps and crisp, white linen.


Midnight Garden Multi by House Of Hackney


Bring in the Bold

The Victorian era was a fascinating time for interior design. An eclection of historic, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences, the creations from this period offer exciting, unique interior possibilities in a modern context. Artemis Black is a collaboration from William Morris with House of Hackney and is a  non-conformist take on traditional floral design. 

A maze of vibrant ferrell flowers cascade over a black backdrop, perfectly portraying the wild beauty of our natural world. The colors used in this design welcome a host of interior ideas and can be beautifully paired with both ultra-modern minimalist and more traditional features alike. 


Artemis Black by House Of Hackney


When considering wallpapers, there is often a fear that darker tones dominate and shadow a space. Well, the Pluma Corab proves otherwise. Despite the black background, this stunning design has a soft, mesmerizing quality that works beautifully in a calming space such as a bathroom or bedroom. 

The epitome of 1940’s Hollywood glamour, this design pairs beautifully as a feature wall, with lighter colored furnishings and indoor plants. Introduce golden feature pieces to truly capture the essence of the 1940’s style.


Pluma Carob by House Of Hackney

Vintage is in vogue, these 19th and 20th century-inspired designs open the door to unique, innovative ideas. Spark your imagination by browsing our collection of floral designs today.