Welcoming the Outdoors, Indoors

How do you spark creative energy? Igniting those special ideas that shape innovative interior concepts isn’t always easy, and at Newwall, we find nothing quite gets the creativity flowing like a stroll outdoors. 

The eclectic, untamable beauty of the world outside of our interiors is filled with endless possibilities, from the free spirit of the birds soaring across the skyline, to the mystical creatures roaming deep below the shore. 

Today, we’re going to explore how you can welcome the spirit of the outdoors, indoors, to transform your space into your very own paradise.


Treasure the trees

Forests are the lifesource of our World, breathing life into all living beings, from the insects in our soil, to the CEOs in their skyscrapers. Underappreciated for their purpose and beauty, forests are a symbol of unwavering stability, and Newmor are celebrating this, in their Forest Wall Covering. 

Transport yourself away from the pains and stresses of your day and into a peaceful woodland, thanks to this stunning realism piece. Perfect for a restroom or healthcare space, this piece promises to emulate calm and peace.

Forest by Newmor


Bring in the birds

As a species, we’ve been known to welcome the outdoors, in more ways than one. Of course, on the surface this ends at house plants and pets, however, by taking a glimpse at cultural and religious history, it’s apparent that we connect with the outdoors on a more spiritual level too.

Goldfinches are a wonderful example of this. Known as one of the most colorful songbirds in the animal kingdom, Goldfinches are a popular pet among bird enthusiasts for their beauty, melodious song and their symbolism. In art and religious history, the Goldfinch is representative of hope, positivity, vitality and love. 

Coordonné’s Goldfinch Song design invites you to welcome the spirit of the Goldfinch into your interiors, in true style. The classic elements of this piece exude class, and beautifully complements a range of interior tastes.


Goldfinch Song Pink by Coordonné


Window to another world

Escapism is something we all search for from time to time. Whether it’s with midweek cinema trips or wistful daydreams at our desks, a brief break from our daily lives is something that we all need on occasion. 

Coordonné invites you to escape into another world, with their range of Casa De Vidro Sunset frames. Dive deep into a tropical jungle, and spot monkeys swinging boundlessly from branch to branch, in this stunning wall mural. Pair with deep green furnishings for a stylish, junglesque living space.


Doors/Windows Casa De Vidro Sunset Frame by Coordonné


Botanical beauty

For those seeking an interior that blends boldness and elegance, you need look no further than the Giant Peonies, from the Naturae collection.  This piece promises to captivate and complement, with stunning ink-captured Peonies petals blooming across the expanse of your wall. This design works for a variety of interior tastes, and can be paired with bright block colors or more minimalistic furnishings.

Giant Peonies Stone by Coordonné

We hope you enjoyed our exploration into outdoor inspiration. Be sure to explore our full collection of outdoor-inspired pieces today.