What’s Trending: Making a Real-Life Barbie Dreamhouse

Like the rest of the world, we’re blushing pink with excitement for the Barbie movie. With so many characters and themes emerging from the teasers and trailers, it got us getting curious at NewWall. How would the Barbies, Kens and Alans live in the real world? Join us as we explore what would make real-life Dream Houses. 

We’re in a Barbie World

Here at NewWall, we’ve been living for the incredible promotion of the Barbie movie. From Margot Robbie’s iconic stylings straight from Barbie’s wardrobe…

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

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 to the incredible ads that included turning those classic London buses PINK…

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It’s a struggle to think of what more they could’ve done to make sure we’re all living in a Barbie world ready for the premiere. 

One collaboration, in particular, caught our attention is the AirBNB Barbie Dreamhouse! 

While this is a perfect promotional piece for the movie, it got us here at NewWall thinking…

Life in plastic, is it really that fantastic? Living in a literal Barbie Dreamhouse would turn into a bit of a nightmare when the backache sets in!

The movie plunges Barbie into the real world – what we want to know is what Barbie Dream Houses would look like in real, everyday life.  Let’s find out!

Stereotypical Barbie’s Dreamhouse

In Stereotypical Barbie’s real-world Dreamhouse, we think her style would play with bold, geometric shapes, and incredibly funky fusions…

Pairings would be bright, bold and brilliant, but always chic.

Stereotypical Ken’s Dream House

While his plans to build an epic “mojo, dojo, casa, house” flopped in the movie, we think his real-world interiors would be a dream. Ditching the horses and mini-fridges, we think this Ken would instead go with his true style: playful and charming. Barbie is his everything, and so even when finding his own aesthetic he’d carry through her love of geometry, but in a softer way…

And, when he wants to get away from the hustle and bustle and rollerblading, we picture a more zen space that adopts a super-calm and natural feel, where he can tell himself, that he’s “kenough”…

Mermaid Barbie’s Dreamhouse

Mermaid Barbie may live in the ocean (or bathtub), but in the real world, she’d need a Dream House on land. While her love of the sea will carry through her stylings, we don’t think she’d go nautical…but rather, aquatic.

Beautiful, classic modern features would shine through with clean, crisp furnishings.

Even her laundry room would be fabulous…

Alan’s Dreamhouse

There’s only one Alan, and we think he wears that fact with pride. In a World of Kens, Alan is unapologetically quirky, bubbly and warm. We think Alan’s Dream House would be loud, but practical. Shapes and swerves that serve purpose…

Scientist Barbie’s Dreamhouse

This Barbie’s got a Nobel prize in Physics, but we believe she’s a genius at interior styling, too. For this Barbie’s Dream House, we see curiosity, exploration and wander, but also a love for tradition.

President Barbie’s Dreamhouse

President Barbie rules with style – and her Dream House would be no different. For this Barbie, we see bold and elegant interiors with an almost regal quality. From deep florals with gold accents.

To vibrant shades with comfy, yet sophisticated furnishings…

Supreme Court Justice Barbie’s Dreamhouse

We think this Barbie gets serious enough in her work. When she gets home, Supreme Court Justice Barbie looks for carefree fun – and her space would deliver, with quirky, whimsical designs with a feminine flair…

Cowboy Ken’s Dream House

Cowboy Ken needs a place to hang his hat after a long day! Carrying through Classic Ken’s fun-loving energy, Cowboy Ken would apply it to his interiors in very different ways. We see feature wallpaper with a 50s flare…

And bright, funky stripes to bring it home…

Weird Barbie

Weird Barbie reveals the way to the real world in the movie. In real life, we think her Dreamhouse would escape it. Her character is a celebration of the toys we play with too hard, an amalgamation of imagination. Stepping inside her Dream House would be a cacophony of graffiti, abstract and animal prints…and somehow…it would work!

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into creating real-life Barbie Dream Houses. Ready to craft your real-life Dream House? Filter by style, to find your perfect pieces today.