What’s Trending: The Secret formula for Wes Anderson Worthy Interiors

First impressions mean a lot. If your interiors aren’t immediately and undoubtedly on-brand, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to be remembered. The good news is, we’ve got the solution. Using inspiration from the king of on-brand creations, Wes Anderson, we’ve discovered the secret formula to creating wow spaces that woo your customers.

Why Wes?

If you’ve been on socials recently, you’ll likely have scrolled upon the #accidentlywesanderson trend. From art and travel creators to big household brands, TikToks and Reels became inundated with videos emulating the iconic film-maker’s style. From an interior perspective, this got us at NewWall thinking. 

What can we learn from Wes? 

No matter the era, story or style, Wes Anderson’s films are instantly recognizable and understood as 100% his. You need your interiors to do that for you, too. And you can! With this 4-step formula…

1. Find your focus

As humans, we crave familiarity. Pattern, order and organization subconsciously create calm and comfort – so naturally, this should be your first step when styling your commercial space.

Notice how everything, from the stripes to the chevron, grows from the door? This works to create an effortless and timeless interior. And it’s no accident. Stripes have been adorning adoring spaces for centuries – they’re a reliable pattern that never goes out of style.

Anderson loves a central frame, telling tales through a symmetry we can only dream of in real life. To achieve a similar result, when approaching your interior, seek out your natural focal point, and then build around it.

2. Set the scene, pick a theme

While Anderson’s sets are dramatically detailed and varied, they all have something in common – consistency. You see, a clear theme is decided before the features are picked. 

You need to decipher the mood of your space.

Top tip: Ask yourself, what story are you telling? From there, you can draw out pallets and furnishings to match.

How you implement the theme is up to you. A great way to go is with contrasting shapes, stripes and textures, as you can see below with charming check and feature rug combo.

Top tip: when choosing patterns, opt for stripes or checks, or both! They’re incredibly versatile and complementary to their surroundings, so you won’t have to worry about dizzying or uncomfortable pairings. 

3. Perfectly imperfect

Once you’ve found your focus and your theme, you need to inject character. These are the final ingredients to create a memorable space. Sometimes, it’s the imperfect features that best add personality. But it needs to be done with care. 

So, how do you avoid being a little more shabby than chic?

Highlight the imperfect, by surrounding it with perfection.

Notice how the timeless uniformity of the checks work with the rustic charm of the door? These elements work in harmony together to create a memorable space that is clearly shabby chic, and not the other way around.

Top tip: use this step sparingly. We recommend 1 big imperfect feature, rather than a number of small ones.

4. Ornaments that attract

All that’s left, is to choose on-brand ornaments. This final piece of the formula is where many stumble. Make sure you don’t!  

The ornaments are the tiny features that tie your space together, both solidifying the theme and focus, while bringing out the character. They’re the last touch of visual interest you need. 

The ornaments should add to your brand story, not confuse it.

Notice how the soft curves of the table and vases complement the narrow stripes of the wallpaper? That, paired with the natural wood of the chair and the rustic natural wood stand, create a clear blend.

The extra ingredient

So, you now know the secret formula. All that’s left is to apply it to your space. But, did you notice the extra ingredient?

Stripes and Checks.

They’re a surefire way to tie commercial spaces together. They add quirky charm, offer timeless style and are capable of complementing a huge variety of spaces. In short, they are the missing piece for your interior. 

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into on-brand styling for commercial spaces. Did you know you can filter by commercial grade products on our website?