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Botanica is a guest designer collection by artist Cody Hoyt that weaves together the art forms of painting, printmaking, and ceramics. A layered exploration of the space between permanence and transience.

Within Hoyt’s work, patterns undulate within patterns, landscapes within landscapes, continuing rather than repeating in an orderly sort of chaos—not unlike nature’s own design. The unpredictability of the ceramic medium itself, Hoyt says, is key to the merit of the finished result, too:

“The chaotic parts of the process are very important. The way the clay cracks and changes during drying and firing is emblematic of the vitality of the material. It’s an artifact of the process that gives it a soul.” In Botanica, Hoyt explores utility and tactility by physically constructing these motifs rather than sketching them out. They are forms with dimension, exploding through space, full of life and warmth.

Botanica is available in eight mesmerizing colorways fit to enhance any home.

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