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Delving into the elusive outlines of a dreamlike landscape, Kaleidoscope  explores how a simple shift of perspective can capture the ever-changing nature of our surroundings.

Inspired by the drawings and watercolors of Paul Cézanne, whose prismatic landscapes resemble the complex patterns that occur when peering through a kaleidoscope, we crafted a design that arrays a captivating patchwork of color across the wall. Combining loose, evocative lines with expansive washes, the shape of each brushstroke evokes a sense of continual evolution, capturing the dynamic spark that is at the heart of all living things.

Touches of vibrant hues give the design a diaphanous quality–with hints of light and color creating a sense of perpetual motion. Dreamlike, the subject recedes into abstraction, swept along by the momentum of the natural forces at play.

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