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Drawing inspiration from serene coastal towns, Lyric celebrates the sculpted shapes of clustered homes and meandering streets that meld into mountainsides.

Scattered across distant islands, homes gather, nestling into coves where sea meets land, and the towns take on a singular collective architecture. From the sea you see an assemblage of forms. From the land, glimpses of the endless blue horizon are caught through apertures. Lyric looks in both directions at once, following the clean line of a church’s dome, the curve of alcove, or the twisting corner of a stairway. It illustrates the interaction between these fluid architectural forms and the crisp angles cast by the sun as the day passes, creating ever-changing patterns that are at once geometric and random.

Lyric is rooted in this mythical place where habitations are arranged on hillsides as the land allows, where the soft hues of stone and the blue of the ocean seem like the only colors anyone needs, and everything is deepened by sun, salt and time.

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