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New Arrivals: June Edition

New Arrivals: June Edition

By Connie SishtonJun 02, 2024

New month, new arrivals! It’s time to showcase fresh collections and designs from four of our incredible design partners. 

With beautiful creations from Coordonné, Wall&Deco, Poppy Print Studio, and Wallpaper Projects, we’re delighted to share the latest here at NewWall.


Palacio de Cristal Collection: Coordonné

From Coordonné, we have a stunning new collection, inspired by Madrid’s breathtaking Palacio de Cristal.

 Link: Wikipedia

Featuring both fabrics and wallcoverings, this collection is an exploration of the visual motifs you experience when exploring this stunning building. 

Whether you find the most beauty in the big picture, grandiose effect of the structure and its surroundings…


The intricacies of the architecture, such as the kaleidoscope windows…


Or the shadows of the iron bars…



Or, if you prefer to notice the tiniest of details, like the rebellious multicolored thistles… 


 Silvestre Papiro Linen


The light-seeking floral climbers…


Forja Siena


Trepadora Rosaceo 


Trepadora Avio Linen


Or even the gentle ripples in the surrounding waters, caused by the warm Spanish breeze…


Estanque Papiro


Estanque Nube Linen

 This collection perfectly encapsulates a visit to this iconic landmark. 


Contemporary Wallpaper II Collection: Wall & Deco

From Wall&Deco, we welcome Contemporary Wallpaper II. An exploration of macro-subjects, each design is re-proportioned on the wall to create real vertical stories. And there’s an eclectic range to choose from! 

We have dreamy escapism…




Back Home WDBH2401


Arcantico WDAR2401


Tiling trickery…


In Movement WDIM2401


It's You WDIY2402 


Tiling WDTI2402


And full-scale artistic explorations…


 Outlines WDOU2402


L'archivista WDAC2402 

All in one, incredible collection!


Terrain: Design by Poppy Print Studio

From Poppy Print Studio, we welcome Terrain. 


Terrain Ink 

 An echo of the timeless struggle of one force navigating through another, terrain captures the essence of nature's relentless energy and movement, bringing a sense of flow and vitality to any space.


Botanical (1&2) & Lucent: Designs by Wallpaper Projects

 Born from a collaboration with Teruko Kushi, we have three stunning designs from Wallpaper Projects.


Botanical Ore N.1


Botanical Ore N.2


These mesmerizing creations were crafted using a patinated bronze canvas. Pressings and hand-paintings were then expertly placed, to invent these incredible, iridescent masterpieces.


Lucent Ore


We hope you enjoyed this dive into the latest offerings here at NewWall. Don’t forget to browse our full collection of new arrivals, below.


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