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How To Style Your Space with Fine Art Prints: Our Top 10 Tips

How To Style Your Space with Fine Art Prints: Our Top 10 Tips

By Connie SishtonJul 03, 2024

Fine art prints, with their intricate details and refined aesthetics, can elevate any room from ordinary to extraordinary, when styled right, that is! 

So, we decided it’s time to help. Here are our expert tips on how to incorporate fine art prints into your decor, featuring exquisite pieces from Poppy Print Studio.


A little about Poppy Print Studio 

Poppy Print Studio is renowned for its contemporary, inspired, and artful wallpaper collections. Each collection is a capsule that explores an idea, blending formalism with unique textures and shapes. 

Delicate pencil-like sketches, abstract stripes, and sinuous vines all reflect an exquisite level of detail and finesse.

The personal journey behind Poppy Print Studio is rooted in a deep love for textiles, clothing, and decorative objects. With a background in painting, drawing, fiber arts, and textile design, the founder brings a wealth of experience and passion to each design. The studio's wallpapers are not only decorative but also functional, serving as humble yet meaningful objects in people’s lives.


Interior designers, architects, and clients participate in this vision, sourcing Poppy wallpapers to bring elegance and sophistication to residential and commercial interiors nationwide. But how could you style designs like this successfully in your own space? Here’s our advice…

1. Curate complementary artwork

Pair your fine art wallpaper with curated artwork that echoes the theme and colors of the wallpaper. 

Select paintings, photographs, or prints that complement the intricate details and refined palette of the wallpaper, creating a harmonious visual experience.


2. Choose Coordinated Furniture

Select furniture that complements the elegance of fine art wallpaper.


Opt for pieces with clean lines and neutral tones that won't compete with the wallpaper's intricate design. Upholstered furniture in soft fabrics can add a touch of luxury, while wooden pieces provide a natural contrast.

3. Integrate Thoughtful Accessories

Incorporate accessories that enhance the artistic vibe of your space.

Think of sculptures, vases, and decorative objects that reflect the motifs in the wallpaper. Choose items with subtle textures and colors to maintain a cohesive look without overwhelming the room.


Striation Rain

4. Focus on Lighting

Lighting plays a fundamental role in showcasing fine art wallpaper.


Use soft, ambient lighting to highlight the wallpaper's details and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Consider wall sconces, table lamps, and even picture lights to draw attention to the wallpaper and the artwork around it.

5. Layer with Textiles

Add layers of texture and warmth with carefully chosen textiles. Rugs, throw pillows, and curtains in complementary colors and patterns can enhance the visual appeal of your space. Choose textiles that reflect the fine art wallpaper's palette and style for a unified look.


Checker Black Grasscloth


6. Embrace Minimalism

Let the fine art wallpaper be the star of the room by keeping other elements minimal. Choose simple, understated decor and avoid clutter.


Brush Clay

This approach allows the wallpaper to stand out and be appreciated for its intricate beauty.


7. Reflect with Mirrors

Mirrors can amplify the effect of fine art wallpaper, making the room feel larger and more dynamic.


Blooms Sun Bleached Coral

Place mirrors strategically to reflect the wallpaper, creating a sense of depth and enhancing the overall aesthetic.


8. Add Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements like plants and flowers to bring life and freshness to your space. Greenery can complement the organic motifs often found in fine art wallpaper and add a touch of nature to your home.


Geo White Noise Grasscloth


9. Create a Cohesive Color Scheme

Build a cohesive color scheme around the fine art wallpaper. Choose paint colors, fabrics, and accessories that harmonize with the wallpaper's tones.



10. Personal Your Space

Finally, never forget that your space should reflect your personality and style!

Incorporate personal touches like family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or DIY decor projects that resonate with you. These elements will make your space uniquely yours while complementing the fine art wallpaper.


Brush Ivory


We hope you found this shop by style helpful!

Explore these ideas and more with the stunning fine art wallpaper collections available at Poppy Print Studio.


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