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Maria’s Edit: Crafting the Perfect Summer Beach House Retreat

Maria’s Edit: Crafting the Perfect Summer Beach House Retreat

By Maria RacoJun 24, 2024

When summer arrives, there’s nothing more inviting than a seaside escape. I’ve always had a soft spot for chic beach house aesthetics - and seeing as the sun is here to stay (or at least - I hope it is!), I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to dive into how you can design the ultimate summer vacation home. 

From classic coastal elegance to bohemian vibes, discover how to transform your beach house into the perfect retreat - using visual inspirations from Abnormals AnonymousCalico, Coordonne, Timorous Beasties, Tres Tinas, & Wallpaper Projects.


Estanque Nube Linen


Classic coastal

Embrace the quintessential beach house aesthetic with a classic coastal design. This style is all about capturing the serene and airy ambience of the seaside - while keeping things timeless & versatile.


Eslora Navy


Top tips: 

1. Color Palette: Opt for a light and airy scheme with whites, blues, and beiges. These colors evoke the calmness of the ocean and the open sky.


Vírgula Azul 2


2. Textures: Incorporate natural textures like woven baskets, driftwood accents, and seagrass furniture to add depth and interest.


 Arcos Cielo


3. Nautical Touches: Enhance the coastal vibe with striped fabrics, sailboat models, and rope details.


Modern beach: sleek and sophisticated shorelines

Prefer a more contemporary take on beach living? The Modern Beach style offers clean lines and a minimalist approach, with vibrant splashes of color.

Top tips:

1. Design: Focus on clean lines and minimalist furniture to create a sleek and uncluttered space.


Hazy Palm Mist


2. Materials: Use polished concrete floors, sleek stainless steel hardware, and statement lighting for a modern edge.


Villa No. 17 Chefchaouen


3. Artwork: Incorporate abstract artwork with ocean-inspired hues or textures to tie in the beach theme subtly.


Supernaturally Ebb Tide


Bohemian beach: eclectic and free-spirited coastal charm


Flabelo Azul


Perfect for those who love vibrant patterns, layered textiles, and a touch of the unconventional - I feel the bohemian style pairs perfectly with beach holiday vibes. 

Top tips

1. Textiles: Use layered textiles with vibrant patterns and textures like macrame and kilim rugs to create a cozy, eclectic space.


Clematis Indigo


2. Furniture: Mix vintage pieces with handcrafted furniture to add character and warmth.


3. Artwork: Choose eclectic artwork featuring nature themes and global influences to reflect a free-spirited vibe.

Rustic Beach: Cozy and Earthy Coastal Retreat

Rustic style is all about embracing the natural, weathered beauty of the coast. Think warm, earthy tones and cozy, inviting spaces.


Top tips:

1. Materials: Utilize weathered wood furniture, exposed beams, and natural stone to create a rugged, earthy feel.


2. Colors: Opt for a palette of browns, beiges, and greens, accented with turquoise or coral.
3. Textiles: Incorporate cozy textiles like sheepskin throws and woven blankets for warmth and comfort.

Luxe beach: glamorous coastal elegance

For those who seek luxury and sophistication, the Luxe Beach style offers high-end finishes and glamorous touches that elevate the beach house experience.



Top tips:

1. Finishes: Choose high-end finishes like marble countertops and plush velvet upholstery to create a sense of luxury.



2. Lighting: Incorporate sparkling chandeliers and statement lighting to add a touch of glamour.



3. Natural Elements: Use natural elements like seashells and coral in a refined and sophisticated manner.



So there we have it. Whether you lean towards the classic coastal charm, the sleek modern beach, the eclectic bohemian retreat, the cozy rustic escape, or the luxurious beachfront haven, we’ve got a curated selection of wallpapers and fabrics for you!  

Want to hear more from me? Find more of my thoughts on all things interiors, below.


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