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Scenes from the Showroom: Our 2nd Floor  Gallery

Scenes from the Showroom: Our 2nd Floor Gallery

By Connie SishtonJun 20, 2024

At NewWall, we believe that every space tells a story. Our latest renovation on the second floor, affectionately known as our "gallery," is a living testament to this philosophy. 

More than just a showroom, the second floor is also our “resource library,” a treasure trove filled with books and magazines that spark creativity and fuel the imagination. Here, our designers and guests can delve into a world of inspiration, surrounded by the works of masters both past and present.

This area, designed to house our more speciality brands, is a sanctuary of unparalleled artistry and innovation. But how did we approach styling this space? That’s what we’re answering, in this blog. 


First impressions: A peak at Palazzo

We wanted this space to exude class and spark imagination - to create a mini world where classical elegance meets modern artistry. After some thought, we drew influence from the grandeur and timelessness of Italian palazzos.



Known for their symmetrical, linear structures and lavish use of marble, these architectural marvels are the foundation for our latest transformation.

Guests stepping into the gallery are enveloped by a sense of being in a different era, where time seems to stand still. 

Authentic architectural drawings collected over time adorn the walls, adding layers of history and sophistication to the space. 

The structured patterns of the wallpaper reflect the precision and elegance of these classical elements, creating a cohesive and captivating environment that feels both timeless and contemporary.


Behind the theme

The inspiration for Palazzo was drawn from the rich architectural heritage of Italian palazzos. These grand buildings are celebrated for their harmonious blend of classical motifs and modern functionality.



Our design team embraced this ethos, using the symmetry and structured elegance of these palazzos as the cornerstone for the gallery’s transformation.

The starting point for our design was a collection of authentic architectural drawings that capture the essence of these majestic structures.

These drawings, combined with the structured patterns of our wallpaper, form the backbone of the gallery's aesthetic. By anchoring the design with these elements, we created a space that echoes the grandeur of an Italian palazzo while serving as a modern gallery.

Every detail in the gallery has been carefully chosen to stay true to the Palazzo theme. Classical elements are integrated throughout the space, ensuring that each corner tells a story of timeless beauty and artistic brilliance.


This approach demonstrates how wallcoverings can be the focal point around which the rest of a room's design is built, creating a harmonious and stunning environment.


Crafting a Seamless Installation

While the Palazzo theme captivates with its intricate design and classical elegance, it’s also crafted with practical ease in mind. The featured product, a standard vinyl wallcovering printed on an 11-yard roll, is designed for straightforward installation.


Fukuro Platinum


For those looking to bring a touch of palatial grandeur to their own spaces, this wallcovering offers a hassle-free application. 

Experienced installers will find the process smooth and manageable, allowing the wallpaper’s beauty to shine without complication.



At NewWall, we are committed to creating spaces that not only reflect beauty but also tell a story. Welcome to our Palazzo themed gallery —where every wall is a canvas, and every space, a masterpiece.


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