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Re-Imagined Regency: Styling Modern Homes for Bridgerton Characters

Re-Imagined Regency: Styling Modern Homes for Bridgerton Characters

By Re-Imagine Content MarketingMay 17, 2024

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the new season of Bridgerton. The drama, the romance, the costumes…and of course…those sets. The Bridgerton world of re-imagined regency got us at NewWall thinking, how would the characters style their homes today? Here’s what we came up with!


Antony Bridgerton

Considering the events of season 2, could we realistically start with anyone but the heartthrob himself, Antony Bridgerton?




His character rules the regency scene with his masculine twist on his house pallet - proving that traditionally feminine pastel tones can work even for the most traditionally masculine men. 

But how would this translate to his 21st century bachelor pad?


Vistahermosa Sage


We see soft mural scenes, paired with angular, hardwood furnishings and floors. And for the bedroom…


Luzysombra Sage


We envisage darker tones of the same pallet. But of course, adding some rich oranges as a nod to his love interest…Lady Kate Sharma!


Kate Sharma

Kate Sharma ruled the Ton for season 2, with a wardrobe as fiery as her personality… 




For her modern home, we imagine a fusion of vibrant hues and intricate patterns, paying homage to her Indian heritage while seamlessly blending with Regency elegance.


Sacred Pheasants Ruby


We picture her love of outdoor adventure shining through too, with soft, earthy tones accented by touches of gold and jewel tones.


La Gabbia SLA2101B


Daphne Brigderton

Next up, we have the Diamond of season 1, Lady Daphne Bridgerton…


Source: The Economic Times


The epitome of elegance and grace, we think her modern-era home would focus on delicate designs that breathe a soft, welcoming and effortlessly perfect style.


Forja Nube


We imagine her pairing intricate florals with black features to create the perfect balance of classic and modern.


Cherry Blossom Turquoise


Penelope Featherington AKA Lady Whistledown

Next up, we’ve got the secret gossip herself, Penelope Featherington…




We’re all waiting eagerly to see how her love story plays out in season 3. But how would her home look in our era? True to character, we think she’d keep the bold colors of her house…but with warm and whimsical twists.


Zig Zag Moth


The overlooked wallflower in life, we think she’d want to maximize the beauty of every corner - with no space unappreciated…


Spring Festival Papyrus


Rooms would be crafted for conversation, with welcoming furnishings arranged in cozy and communal ways, ensuring that no-one feels left out.


Portia Featherington

With her keen eye for social standing and a determination for regal acceptance, we were intrigued by the thought of Portia Featherington’s modern-era home…


 Source: Pinterest


Styling with opulence on a budget, we see Portia exploring faux panel wall coverings that give the illusion of hand-carved intricacies… 


Mirto Rose


We imagine her making features out of older furnishings, creating elevated opulence where others would never think to.


Plantasia Prism


Queen Charlotte

No one quite does grandeur like the Queen herself…




We don’t think our fast-paced, modern era would affect Queen Charlotte’s love for all out opulence…in fact, we think she’d double down.


Golden Oriole Wallpaper Panels


Rich golds with breathtaking intricate patterns would adorn her spaces. But for her relaxation rooms, we see cooler tones emerging…


Disappearing Damask Superwide Blue


We see classic Damask patterns paired with antiquities that add a homelier touch to her extravagant tastes. 

We hope you enjoyed this dive into the world of re-imagined Regency with some of our favorites from Bridgerton. Inspired by what you’ve seen? All installation pictures were taken from products available right here at NewWall! Be sure to browse our full collections, today.


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