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New Arrivals: May

New Arrivals: May

By Re-Imagine Content MarketingMay 06, 2024

New month, new arrivals! We’re thrilled to welcome stunning offerings from not one, not two, but three of our incredible design houses. Read on to discover the latest wallpapers and fabrics from Abnormals Anonymous, Timorous Beasties and Coordonné.  



Glorious Grasscloth, from Abnormals Anonymous


Seeking an eco-friendly upgrade to your space? Abnormals Anonymous has got you covered, with their gorgeous grasscloth creations. 

Formulated from a collaboration with Seattle artist Anna Redmond, we have Flashdance…

Originating from a hand-drawn pattern, Flashdance quickly rose to become one of the most beloved designs in their collection. And speaking of beloved…we’re thrilled to welcome back Mr Blow!

This fish design swam its way into our hearts a long time ago, and its now available in 2 new colorways!

And last but certainly not least, we have Sea Tales. Invite a little exploration into your space, with this gorgeous design.


From space to summer scenes, with Timorous Beasties


From the innovators at Timorous Beasties, we’ve welcomed two new stunning wallpaper designs. 

Moonrock features a detailed monochrome design inspired by the pits and crevices found on the lunar surface. 


A combination of hand-drawn elements and textured background create an intense and mysterious effect that we can’t get enough of. 

Returning to Earth, the Papillon Wallpaper design celebrates the beauty in nature.


Papillon Saxe

 The detailed linework, delicate floral motifs and intricately illustrated butterflies that dance around an ever-growing vine all work together to create a stunning design that promises to inject summer energy into your space all year round.


Fabulous fabrics, from Timorous Beasties

If those two wallpapers aren’t enough…we’ve also welcomed three new stunning fabrics from Timorous Beasties. Perfect for creating throws, upholstery or drapes, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. 

Whether you’re looking for a touch of linen, with Crab & Lobster….


Or dramatic velvet flare from Temples in the sky or Shuiping de Pillement!


Tantalizing tapestries from Coordonné

Coordonné have expanded on their gorgeous Chinoiserie collection, with three new stunning designs. 

From the magically mysterious scene of Xi Hu Lake…


Xi Hu Lake Tapestry Amber


And the vibrant celebrations of Spring Festival…

To the intricate beauty of Heron’s Poetry…


These stunning additions promise to transform their surroundings! 

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the newest arrivals here at NewWall. Explore all new arrivals now.


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