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Lessons in Silk, 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Silk Wallpaper

Lessons in Silk, 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Silk Wallpaper

By Re-Imagine Content MarketingMay 05, 2024

Selecting a new wallcovering can be a tricky business. With so many stunning styles to choose from, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed. And then you realize there’s a whole separate thing to consider….material

So, we’ve decided it’s time to share some of our hard-earned wallcovering wisdom. Read on, to discover everything you need to know before you buy silk wallpaper, with stunning visual examples from Poppy Print Studios’ silk collection. 


A little about silk wallpaper

A testament to luxury, silk wallpaper is generally recognized for its distinctive, opulent characteristics. Derived from natural silk fibers, it boasts a luscious texture and a captivating sheen that catches the light in mesmerizing ways.

Flora Greenhouse by Poppy Print Studio


The inherent softness and delicacy of silk lends a tactile richness to wallpaper deisgns, inviting touch and adding depth to any room. 

So, it’s hardly surprising that it’s such a popular choice!  But before you buy, it’s important to consider these 3 things….


1. Does it fit the function?

Before you select silk as your material of choice, you should assess the function of the space you’re introducing it to.

Wave Pacific by Poppy Print Studio


While silk adds an undeniable air of elegance to spaces like bedrooms or formal dining rooms, it’s important to remember that it is one of the most delicate wallpaper materials on the market.  

For this reason, we don’t recommend it for high-traffic areas like hallways and children's playrooms. Or, areas that have high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens. For these spaces, we’d suggest something more hardy, like vinyl!


2. Where’s the light?

Silk wallpaper bounces light beautifully, with natural shifts in sheens appearing throughout the day. While this offers a great range of styling potential from lamps, overhead lighting and natural light, it does come with a little caution. Beware of direct sunlight.

Flora Creme by Poppy Print Studio


Silk wallpaper can fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight, so for long-lasting luxury, it’s best installed in areas with minimal sun exposure. Desperate to make it work? 

We recommend looking into window treatment options to protect from UV rays.


3. Who will install it?

Given its delicate nature, a steady, experienced hand is needed to ensure perfect installation. When installed correctly, it’ll be a truly breathtaking addition to the space.

 Ribbon Stripe Persimmon by Poppy Print Studio


But, if you’re considering a dabble in DIY - this should not be your material of choice! 


4. Will it contrast or contradict?

Before committing to silk wallpapers, consider how its unique texture will interact with the other elements in your space.


For instance, a textured silk wall can create a stunning visual contrast against smooth surfaces like sleek furniture, adding visual intrigue to the room.

Additionally, silk wallpaper invites touch, creating a sensory experience that enhances the overall ambience of the space. By carefully considering the texture and dimension of silk wallpaper, you can create a dynamic and immersive environment that delights the senses.

We hope you found these lessons in silk wallpaper helpful. If this stunning material sounds perfect for you, you can filter by material and explore all our available options! 


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